Sunday Keys App - User Manual

Welcome to the Sunday Keys App! This documentation aims to describe all you’ll need to know to get comfortable within Sunday Keys. We believe the Sunday Keys App will be a powerful tool to unlock your creativity and inspire dynamic results in your worship keys playing. 

Thank you for supporting Sunday Sounds, let’s get started

Table of Contents

Downloading the Sunday Keys App

Updating the App and Sound Library

Connecting Gear to the App

Connection Guide

How to MIDI Learn?

Troubleshooting MIDI Connections

Troubleshooting Audio Connections

App Overview - What you see on Screen

Features in Depth




Using AU Plugins as Instruments


Patch Snapshots

Snapshot Transitions

Setlist Browser

Patch Library


Additional Controls

On-Screen Keyboard

Menu & Settings

MIDI Learn


Cloud Backups


Optimizing iPad Performance

Using iCloud Backup

Best Practices: Focus & Sound Preferences

Frequently Asked Questions

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