Patch Snapshots

Patch Snapshots are a powerful feature that allow you to save a “Snapshot” of a Patch’s settings.  Patch Snapshots can be useful to easily switch between different sections of a song, such as an intimate Intro, to a building Bridge, and finally a big Chorus.

Each Patch Snapshot will store the following information:

  • The Volume Fader position for each Sound in the Patch
  • The engaged/bypassed state for each MIDI and Audio Effect, for each Sound in the Patch
  • The Mod-Wheel position for the Patch

Changes to Sound Settings or the parameters within MIDI and Audio effects are not stored to Patch Snapshots. Changes you make within the Sound Settings menu or within any effect’s parameter menu will be stored to the Patch as a whole.


Snapshot States visualized

Patch Snapshots that have data saved to them will appear a light blue when selected and a gray color when not selected. Empty Patch Snapshots will appear a dark gray color when unselected and will have a light blue border when selected.

Saved Selected Snapshot visual state


Saving a Patch Snapshot

To save a Patch Snapshot, tap on the Patch Snapshot position to select, set your Mod-Wheel and Sounds’ volume and effects states as desired, then tap the Patch Snapshot Save button Snapshot_save_button.png to save the Patch Snapshot.    

Selecting a Patch Snapshot

Patch Snapshots are recalled by tapping on the Patch Snapshot buttons. Once selected, a Patch Snapshot’s values are immediately applied to the Mod Wheel and Sounds’ volume and effects.  

Renaming a Patch Snapshot

To rename a Patch Snapshot, perform a long-press on the Patch Snapshot button, then select Rename from the menu.  Enter the new name and tap Save.

Reordering Patch Snapshots

Reordering Patch Snapshots can be done by performing a long-press on the Patch Snapshot button, then selecting Reorder from the menu.  Once in reordering mode, long-press on the Patch Snapshot buttons and drag them to the desired order. When satisfied with the order, click the Checkbox button to set the order. 

Clearing a Patch Snapshot

If you need to clear the saved values of a Patch Snapshot, perform a long-press on the Patch Snapshot button, then select Clear from the menu.  


Snapshot Notes

Snapshots Notes can be added to any Snapshot and can be useful to act as reminders of parts to play or chords for a section.  For more info on setting up Snapshot notes, check out the article explaining the Effects/Notes feature.

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