Patch Library

The Patch Library allows you to view and load the Patches on your device. You can open the Patch Library by tapping the + button at the bottom of the Setlist, then selecting “Add a Patch from the Library”. 

Using the Patch Library

With the Patch Library open, adjust the filters and selected tags to narrow your search to a specific set of Patches or use the Search menu to find a Patch by name.  Once you have found a Patch you like, select it by tapping the name, the tap “Add Patch”.

You can use the “Sounds Download Manager” button to check your account for available products and updates.

Adding a Patch from the Library

Sunday Keys comes with many pre-built Patches that can be loaded from the Patch Library.  To add a Patch from the Library, tap the Add Patch button (), then select “Add a Patch from the Library'' from the menu.  Use the Patch Library browser to find a Patch, then select it by tapping its name and tap “Add Patch”. The Patch will be loaded into the Setlist and is ready to be used.

You can also access User created Patches within the “User Library” section of the Patch Library browser. Exporting Patches to the User Library is discussed in the Patch Section of this guide. For more information, visit Exporting a Patch.

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