Troubleshooting Audio Connections

If you're having trouble getting your Audio connections to behave as you'd expect there are some simple steps you can take to identify the source of the issue.


I'm not getting audio from my audio interface

You will need to connect a driverless, class-compliant audio interface to send audio out of the Sunday Keys App, unless your iPad features a headphone jack.

The audio interface must not require any special drivers or software in order to connect to your iPad

Note: Not all class-compliant audio interfaces will necessarily be able to connect to an iPad. Refer to the manufacturer’s website to confirm that your chosen audio interface is able to connect

Note: Some audio interfaces may require that your hardware be connected in a specific order, in order to successfully be recognized by your iPad.


Ensure that your audio interface is receiving adequate power from either a powered USB hub or a direct power supply. Refer to the Connection Guide for more information on powering your devices.


Some audio interfaces will not disable the volume buttons located on the side of your iPad. Ensure that the volume is turned all the way up, in those cases, to maximize the output volume.


The Sunday Keys App outputs a single, stereo audio output. Additional audio outputs are not supported at this time.


My audio is crackling, distorted, delayed, or just doesn't sound right

If your audio output is noisy, very quiet, or low quality ensure that your audio interface is receiving adequate power and that the USB hub you’re using is of good quality. Not all USB hubs available online are created equal and some will introduce noise or reduce output volume due to their poor build quality. Visit our Connection Guide article to find recommendations for USB Hub and connection equipment.


If you notice intermittent interruptions to your audio signal, delayed audio, or persistent crackling in the audio signal you may need to adjust the App’s settings and optimize for your device. Visit our Optimizing iPad Performance article to view optimization recommendations.


If your audio output is distorted you should first confirm that the “Master” volume meter in the App is not peaking (showing consistent red signal when you play). If that meter is peaking, you should reduce the volume of the Sounds in your Patch until that meter shows only green and yellow signal under normal playing conditions.

If your Master volume meter appears fine in the App but your audio still sounds distorted, you should adjust the gain settings at the Sound board or possibly on your Audio interface itself to properly gain-stage your signal.


Connecting to Bluetooth audio output is not recommended. Audio quality will be reduce and latency will be unacceptably high. If you need to practice with headphones, connect to the headphone jack on your audio interface instead


If you are only connecting a single audio output cable to the App, you should sum the App’s audio to Mono, to ensure you’re not losing half of your audio signal. This can be adjusted in Settings > Audio > Keys Output Pan. Make sure to select “Mono L” or “Mono R” based on the output you’re planning to use on your Audio Interface, and to also adjust “Tonic Output Pan” as needed.


I'm still unable to resolve my Audio issue

If you’re still having issues with Audio Connections, contact us.

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