Best Practices for iPad: Focus & Sound Preferences

When using Sunday Keys it is important to remember that application sounds and system sounds are not able to be isolated from each other on an iPad.  Because of this, we recommend a few best practices when using Sunday Keys.


Setup a Focus State

In iPadOS 15 and greater, you have the ability to setup custom Focus states that let you schedule or automate custom notification settings.  


To setup your custom focus state, go to Settings > Focus, then tap the + button to add a custom state:



Give your Focus a name and icon, and tap Next:


Choose the people you want to receive notifications from.  We recommend removing all people.  Tap Allow or Allow None:


Set the Allowed Apps for notifications (again we recommend None).  Tap Allow or Allow None:



Once you have set these settings, your Focus state is now ready to use:



Schedule/Automate your Focus

Once your Focus state is setup, you could schedule your Focus to be activated at a specific time.  Your can even automate your Focus to be engaged when using a specific app.  


To do this, tap your Focus, then under Turn on Automatically set your schedule or select Sunday Keys.



For more information on using Apple's Focus, visit Apple's support article Using Focus modes.


Disable some Sound Settings 

We recommend disabling Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound sound effects to ensure keyboard and lock sounds are not sent from an iPad to a PA.  You can do this on your iPad in Settings > Sounds .


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