Troubleshooting MIDI Connections

If you're having trouble getting your MIDI connections to behave as you'd expect there are some simple steps you can take to identify the source of the issue. 


Verify your MIDI Controller is connected

If you are unsure if your MIDI Controller is connecting to the Sunday Keys App, you can use the MIDI Monitor (Settings > MIDI) to monitor incoming MIDI messages.  



Verify your MIDI Controller is selected

If you are unsure if your MIDI Controller is connecting to the Sunday Keys App, you can verify the connection in Settings > MIDI, then use the device dropdown to verify your device is listed.  Connected MIDI devices will be shown in this menu.  The Sunday Keys App's keyboard will respond only to the selected Primary MIDI Controller.


My MIDI controller isn't connecting

If your MIDI controller isn't connecting make sure your controller is connected to your iPad via one of the methods described in the Connection Guide for the App and that your controller is receiving adequate power from either a powered USB hub or a direct power supply.


If you're using your Audio Interface to route MIDI, make sure your audio interface/controller doesn’t require any drivers or special software. Your audio interface must be class-compliant, meaning it does not require any special drivers or software to operate. 

While we would expect any class-compliant audio interface to be compatible with an iPad, some manufacturer’s may have more specific steps or information on how to ensure their devices operate as intended when used with an iPad. Check the manufacturer’s website for information specific to any audio interface before making a purchase to ensure it will perform well for your use case.


If your Bluetooth device won’t connect, check the User Manual for your hardware to ensure it can connect to iPad devices. If you’re still having trouble, contact us


My MIDI controller is connected but I'm unable to use it

If your controller is connected to the Sunday Keys App, but nothing seems to be happening, open Settings > MIDI and select the correct MIDI channel for your keyboard. If you’re not sure what MIDI channel your keyboard is sending on, consult the MIDI Controller's user manual for info on how to check.


We recommend designating a specific MIDI channel unless you’re confident your keyboard only sends on one channel at a time.


If your Mod-Wheel or Sustain pedal are not controlling the App by default, you should make a connection to them in MIDI Learn.


If you want to use a knob, fader, or expression pedal instead of a Mod-Wheel you should make a Connection in MIDI Learn.


My second MIDI Controller isn't controlling the keyboard

Only the designated “Primary MIDI Controller” device can control the onscreen keyboard. If you need to use more than one keyboard to send MIDI Note data, ensure they are sending on the same MIDI Channel, select that MIDI Channel in MIDI Settings, and choose “All Devices” for your "Primary MIDI Controller".



I'm still unable to get it working

If you’re still having issues with connecting Midi hardware, contact us

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