App Overview - What you see on screen

What you see on screen:


  1. Setlist
    A Setlist contains Patches intended to be used in one performance. 
  2. Patch
    A Patch contains up to five Sounds that can be used at once. A Patch is often used to represent one song in a Setlist.
  3. Sounds
    Sounds are combined together to make up a Patch. Each Sound can have its own unique effects, settings, and layer range.
  4. Tonic Pad Player
    Use Tonic Pad Player to start a lush pad drone, perfect for complimenting your playing.
  5. Easy Transpose
    Use Easy Transpose to quickly transpose the MIDI for the current Patch.
  6. Tempo
    The Tempo controls the response of time based MIDI and audio effects like the Arpeggiator, Sequencer, Delay, and Tremolo. You can designate the tempo per Patch or use tap tempo at any time.
  7. Effects/Notes View
    Use this toggle control to change the view of the main screen to primarily show the Effects pane or to view Snapshot Notes.
  8. Panic Button
    Use the Panic button to clear MIDI and Audio in the event that something goes wrong.
  9. Master Volume
    Control the overall volume of your Setlist with the Master Volume.
  10. Menu button
    Use the menu to access MIDI Learn, App-wide Settings, Check for Downloads, and more.
  11. Patch Snapshots
    Each Patch can include up to five Patch Snapshots that can be programmed to change the volume of Sounds, turn effects On or Off, and adjust the Mod-Wheel.
  12. On-Screen Keyboard
    Set Sounds’ Layer Ranges, control the Mod-Wheel, and quickly hear sounds with the On-Screen Keyboard.


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