Updating the App and Sound Library

The Sunday Keys App puts playing modern worship keys into a user friendly, simple to install iPad app.       Though the App functions as a single tool, it is actually made up of two separate pieces - 1) the Sunday Keys App that contains the user interface and features and 2) the Sunday Keys Sound Library that contains the Sounds, Effects Presets, and Patches.  These two components are separate efforts and are updated in unique ways.  This article will provide information on these components.  

Note: Because the Sunday Keys App experience is made of two separate components and are versioned separately, it is possible (and expected) for the App and the Sound Library's version numbers to not be aligned.

Sunday Keys App

The Sunday Keys App is a standalone app that is available for download from Apple's App Store.  When new features are developed for Sunday Keys, an update will be made available via the App Store.  To access these new features as they're released, you'll need to update the App.  

To determine if there's an update available, visit Sunday Keys App in the App Store.  If there is an update available, you will see a button labeled Update_button.png.

Tap the button to install the newer version and access newer features.


Sunday Keys Sound Library

The Sunday Keys Sound Library contains Sounds and pre-build Layered Patches.  When new Sounds and Patches are made available, and update will be made available to download within the App.  

To determine if an update is available, open the App's menu then tap "Sound Downloads Manager".  A modal will open and you'll see a list of Sound Libraries that you have access to.  

If an update is available for the Sound Library, a button will be shown labeled Update_sound_LIbrary_button.png.   Tap the Update button to install the Sound Library update.

Once the update is applied OR if your Sound Library is already up to date, you will see a checkmark to indicate being up-to-date.Cehckmark.png


Sunday Keys Song Specific Patches

Installing a Song Specific Patch (SSP) is also performed through the Sounds Download Manager.  If you have purchased an SSP with your account that is available in the App, open the Sounds Download Manager, then tap "Download" to initiate. 


Once the download is complete, open the Patch Library to find your SSP!



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