Setlist Browser

The Setlist Browser allows you to view and load the Setlists on your device. You can open the Setlist Browser by clicking the arrow next to the Setlist name.  You can also use the Setlist Browser to create, rename, duplicate, or delete any Setlist. 

Finding an existing Setlist

After opening the Setlist Browser, you can see your Recently Used Setlists as cards at the top of the Setlist Browser, use the table view and Order by dropdown, or use the Search bar to assist in finding your desired Setlist.

Loading a Setlist

Once you have found a Setlist to load, simply tap on it, then tap "Load Setlist". Loading a Setlist will bring you to the main Sunday Keys screen with the Setlist ready to use.

Creating a Setlist

Create a new Setlist by opening the Setlist Browser, then click the Create New Setlist button.  In the next modal, you can choose to either create a new Setlist “From Scratch” with no pre-loaded Patches or “From Template” which allows you to choose a Template Setlist that contains some Patches ready to use or modify. Enter your Setlist’s name and tap “Save”.

Rename, Duplicate, or Delete a Setlist

To Rename, Duplicate, or Delete a Setlist, find it in the Setlist Browser then click on the ••• menu button and choose the desired option.

Shared Setlists

Setlist Sharing makes it easy to send an exact copy of any Sunday Keys App Setlist to another device with the Sunday Keys App installed.  It's fast, seamless, and an incredible tool for allowing for collaboration between worship teams, leaders, and the broader Sunday Keys community.

Sharing a Set

To Share a Setlist, open the Setlist Browser by tapping the arrow next to the Set's name (Setlist_Browser_Open_button.png), find the Set to share, then click on the ••• menu button and choose "Share Setlist".   Tapping the "Share Setlist" menu option will create a copy of your Set and generate a link used to access that Set.  You can then share that link through any of the options available to you on your iPad. 

Receiving a Shared Set

Importing a Shared Set is easy!  With Sunday Keys installed on your iPad, often you can click on the Shared Setlist link to launch and import the Setlist.  You can also import a Shared Setlist by opening the Setlist Browser by tapping the arrow next to the Set's name (Setlist_Browser_Open_button.png), tapping "Import Setlist", entering the link in the field, then tapping "Load Setlist".

After importing or clicking a Shared Setlist link, you'll be asked to name the Set. Enter the desired name and make your selection to "Save and Load Setlist" or "Save Setlist to Library".


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