The Tonic Pad Player plays an ambient pad in the key of your choice and it’s a great way to glue together the sound of your band, nail transitions between songs and keys, and it’s also great for underscoring quieter moments of a church service.

The Tonic Pad Player has 12 presets and several parameters to allow you to dial-in just the right sound.


Using Tonic

You can turn the Tonic Pad Player on and off by tapping the Engage/Bypass button.  


You can change the character of the Tonic Pad Player by experimenting with the Brightness and Shimmer knobs.  You can also change the Tonic Pad Preset, fade times, and Pan value in the Tonic Pad Settings.  To access Tonic Pad Settings, tap the Tonic Pad Preset name (e.g. 1. Warm) which will open the Tonic Pad Settings Menu. Here you can make your changes then tap Done.  

By default the Tonic Pad Player is not affected by your Patch changes, making it a great tool for smoothing over transitions between songs and Patches in your Setlist. With this use case you’ll manually select new keys and make other adjustments to Tonic in real-time, flowing as needed. 

Tonic can also be pre-programmed to automatically recall desired settings when a specific Patch is selected. That’s explained in the “Patch Lock” section immediately below. 


Patch Lock

The Tonic Pad Player can be programmed to recall the desired Tonic settings automatically when a specific Patch is selected. This feature is called “Patch Lock”. With Patch Lock you can save the Engage/Bypass state, Preset Selection, Fade Time, Volume, Key selection, Brightness and Shimmer values to any Patch to be recalled whenever that Patch is selected. 


To save Tonic Pad Player settings to a Patch, select the desired Patch, dial-in all Tonic Pad Player settings as you’d like them to be recalled, then tap the Patch Lock button.  When Patch Lock does not have saved data, the button will display with a gray color and a text label Patch_Lock_unsaved.png.  When Patch Lock has been saved, the button will display with a light blue color and a lock icon Patch_Lock_saved.png.  

While Patch Lock has stored settings, you can still temporarily change the Tonic Pad Player’s settings as you’d like, to flow in the moment. However, any changes will not become the new Patch Lock settings unless the Patch Lock button is disengaged then reengaged.


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