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Controlling Sunday Keys on an iPad’s screen is a great way to have your controls and visuals in view at the same time and for most use cases the touch screen is the recommended way to interact with Sunday Keys’ controls in real-time on stage. 

However, should you desire to do so you can easily connect your MIDI controller’s knobs, buttons, faders, etc to control elements of the Sunday Keys main screen.

For a complete overview, visit MIDI Learn.



The options in this menu contain global settings for the Sunday Keys App. Making changes to these settings will adjust the App’s behavior across all Setlists and Patches. 

As the Sunday Keys App Settings have expanded, visit our complete Settings guide.


Help and Support

Use the Help and Support link to visit our support site.


Sounds Download Manager

The Sunday Keys App syncs to your account to determine which products are available for you to use within the App. 

Not all Products available in other formats will be available in the Sunday Keys App. There is no guarantee of availability of a specific product unless such is stated at 

Within the menu you can check for downloads available to you at any time. When you open the menu item the list will automatically be refreshed. 

From time to time a Product may also be updated. You can update a Product by tapping “Update” in those cases and the Update will automatically be installed.


View User Account

Use this menu item to navigate to your account.


Sign Out

In the event that you need to remove your account from Sunday Keys, you can sign out of your account through this menu item. Since access to your content is connected to your account, there are a few things to consider before signing out:

If you sign out of your account, then a different user logs in on the same device, your local user data (all your Setlists, User Library Patches, and Sounds) will be lost.  


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