Snapshot Transitions

Snapshot Transitions allow for smooth, seamless transitions when switching between Snapshots.  Use Snapshot Transitions to seamlessly move several faders, your mod wheel, and engage or bypass Effects with a single tap when you engage your Snapshot.  Snapshots Transitions can be set to use a set of modifiable Default settings or can be customized to settings specific to that Snapshot.


Setting Up Snapshot Transitions

Default Snapshot Transition Settings

At launch Snapshot Transitions will use a set of default settings that will determine the length of the transition, if the mod wheel should be affected, and when Effects should be engaged/bypassed.  If you would like to adjust these default settings, you can do so in Settings.   

First tap the Menu button, tap Settings, then tap Snapshots. The Snapshots settings will be shown on screen.  Make any modifications, then tap the "X" to close the menu.  These settings will now be used when switching between Snapshots.




Custom Snapshot Transition Settings

You may find that the default settings work great, but for a specific section of a song it just doesn't fit.  Custom Snapshot Transition settings allow you to have control over individual Snapshot Transitions.  

To setup a custom Snapshot Transition, long press on the Snapshot that will be transitioned to, then tap Settings.  Set the toggle for "Use Custom Settings" to on, then make adjustments to the settings in the modal.



Using Snapshot Transitions 

After you've setup your Snapshot Transitions, simply tap a Snapshot.  The Snapshot Transition will take place automatically.  You will see a small progress bar on the Snapshot to indicate the remaining time, and you'll also see Faders and the Modwheel moving to reflect the programming.  


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