MIDI Monitor

The MIDI Monitor is a tool that allows you to inspect the MIDI data the Sunday Keys App receives.  This tool can be very helpful to determine if your Keyboard or Audio Interface is properly connected and using the expected channels.


Using the MIDI Monitor

The MIDI Monitor can be found in the MIDI Settings. Tap the Menu button, then tap the MIDI Settings tab.  The MIDI Monitor can be found at the bottom of the screen.



With your MIDI hardware connected, play a note or move a fader or knob to see the MIDI Monitor show the received data.  With properly connected devices, the MIDI Data should show automatically in the window.  

The MIDI Monitor has a few controls that make it easier to use.  If you'd like to see more of the MIDI data your device receives, tap the arrow button to toggle the collapsed and expanded views of the MIDI Monitor.  The expanded view will show the recent 15 MIDI messages received, with the most recent at the top.  In the expanded view, you have the ability to clear the recent logs by tapping the "Clear Log" button.  You'll also notice that the MIDI messages are color coded to reflect your designated Primary and Secondary MIDI Controllers, which can be especially helpful to ensure a proper setup.  

Collapsed view:


Expanded view:



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