How to View All Sounds and Patches in the Sunday Keys App

In the Sunday Keys App, after you've downloaded the Sound Library, you'll see a Setlist of Starter Patches.

A patch is 1-5 individual sounds, and one sound can fit in each of the 5 Sound modules.

You'll navigate to Patches and Sounds in different places in the Sunday Keys App.

How to View All Patches:

If you click on the "+" at the bottom of the Setlist, you'll see an option to "Add a Patch from the Library":



From here you'll be able to view​ all Patches, most of these have 3-5 sounds:


Click here to learn more about Patches in the Sunday Keys App.


How to View All Sounds:

You can add or replace sounds in a Patch. A Patch can include one or more Sounds that can be layered together or spread across the keyboard. You can add a Sound to a Patch by tapping an empty Sound Module and browsing to find one you would like or by choosing "Create a New Patch" instead of "Add a Patch from the Library".


Then, give it a name:


From here, you can click on Add Sound in any of the 5 Sound modules:


Here you'll see all the sounds in the Sunday Keys Sound Library​:


Click here to earn more about Sounds in the Sunday Keys App. 

Click here to browse the Sunday Keys App User Manual. 

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