What iPad will I need for the Sunday Keys App for iPad?

The Sunday Keys App is compatible with any iPad device running iOS 14 or newer. We've extensively tested the app across a range of supported devices, including the base iPad (from the 6th generation onwards), iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro. If your iPad can run iOS 14 or newer, you can install the app.

Please note that the experience may vary from device to device, with more powerful devices offering better, faster, and more reliable performance.


Through rigorous testing, we've found that Apple Silicon chips have significantly greater capabilities compared to pre-M1 chips. If you're considering purchasing a new iPad and have the ability or budget to opt for an Apple Silicon M1 (or greater) processor, it would be the best choice to future-proof your setup.


At launch, the Sunday Keys App requires approximately 1.5 GB of storage space. This includes both the app download itself and the Sunday Keys Sound Library, which you can access after logging into your account in the app.

As we continue to expand the Sunday Keys Sound Library, users should anticipate the long-term storage space required to be higher, likely ranging from 5 to 10 GB within the next year. Additionally, each downloaded product within the app will require additional storage space. You can always check how much space a particular product requires within the app by navigating to Menu > Sounds Download Manager.


iPads featuring USB-C or Lightning ports can all be used with the Sunday Keys App. However, please note that the hardware adapters required will vary based on your iPad's port type.


The app has been programmed to accommodate various iPad models. You can adjust relevant settings within the app for your device, including adjustable audio buffer size, patch loading settings, and graphics optimizations, all aimed at optimizing CPU usage.

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