How to Find and Install Sunday Keys Updates

While your Sunday Keys License is active you'll be able to access a new update featuring new sounds every month! Updates are typically released on the first Tuesday of the month. 

This article explains how to easily install updates step by step.

*note* if you own an earlier version of Sunday Keys, purchased before October 27, 2021 you have the option to upgrade to the newest version! Reach out to us to find out more about upgrading.

Each monthly update is its own download. We recommend installing updates in chronological order, from oldest to newest.


Step 1. Login to your account and head to "My Purchases"
Here you'll see your Sunday Keys license displayed. To access updates, simply click "View Updates" and you'll see a window open on screen.



Step 2. Locate the update(s) you'd like to download

You can download more than one at a time, but remember that once they're on your machine you'll need to install each of them individually.

​If you use Sunday Keys in MainStage format click "Download MainStage>" and if you use the Ableton Live format click "Download Ableton Live>":



Step 3. (MainStage format)- locate the Installer within your "Downloads" folder and run the Installer.

For MainStage users simply double click the installer file after it is finished downloading and follow the prompts.

The installer will automatically place the new sounds into your Sunday Keys Patch Builder, placing all the Sounds where they belong. You can also view the most recently added content by selecting the "Recently Added" folders located in Patch Builder.


Step 3. (Ableton Live format)- locate the .zip folder, unzip it and follow the setup instructions in this video:

Adding the contents of a Sunday Keys update in the Ableton Live format requires a different process than MainStage but only takes a few minutes.

Watch this video to see how to quickly and easily place the update's contents within your Sunday Keys Project:


Missed several updates? 

If you've missed several updates you can either

a) install each of them in chronological order which will simply add the contents of the updates to your existing Sunday Keys content. (recommended)


b) you can perform a fresh install of the newest version of Sunday Keys by selecting "Download" from "My Purchases". This fresh download will always include all updates available for Sunday Keys. However, if you do a fresh install you will lose access to any customizations you've made to your Sunday Keys files, including MIDI Assignments, template modifications, and user Patches/Sounds.

If you choose to do a fresh install, you will also need to repeat the initial setup steps listed on the Sunday Keys Video Resource page.

Resource Page- MainStage format.

Resource Page- Ableton Live format

*Important* Only do a full reinstall if you understand the customizations you will lose by doing so. 



View more info on what's included in monthly updates: 

You can see a comprehensive list of what's been included in monthly updates by clicking here to view the release notes.



If you run into any questions, reach out to us here and we can help.

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