Using Worship Beats with Song Specific Patches in Sunday Keys

Yes, you can add Worship Beats patches to a Song Specific Patch inside Sunday Keys as long as you are using MainStage 3.4.3 or 3.5. At this time (8/17/22), this function is not fully available in MainStage 3.6.0 or newer, but may be an option in the future. You may be able to combine Worship Beats with an SSP in 3.6, but if mappings are broken, you aren't able to shift them around as described below without re-mapping everything from scratch, which requires very complex programming. 

First, make sure the Song Specific Patch is above the Worship Beats patch in the Patch List before you choose  "Create New Patch From Selection" in the Settings cog. This will ensure that Easy Transpose continues to work as expected.

Second, reset the Tempo and Time Signature settings in the Patch Attributes tab of the Inspector.

Finally, consider a general volume balance between the SSP and the Worship Beats channel strip. You may need to change the levels of some of the channel strips of the SSP in order to hear the Worship Beats at the loudest point in the SSP. They can do this by going into the Gain plugins on each of the channel strips, or by adjusting the volume faders, but keep in mind that those volume faders will return to 0 if the patch is left before saving.


It's possible for a couple other issues to occur when doing this, but they are all fixable: 

  1. The layers in the workspace may change. 
  2. The existing mappings may reorganize based on channel strip number which will cause Easy Transpose to break. 

It might look something like this: 


1. The layers in the workspace may change. 

A quick way to fix this after creating the patch is to just save the new patch and the concert and re-open it and they should adjust back automatically and look the same as in the original Song Specific Patch. You can also always move the layers around by moving the channel strips themselves around but this takes much longer.

2. The existing mappings may reorganize based on channel strip number.

If this happens, it does cause Easy Transpose to break. In the Easy Transpose parameter boxes "Play In" and "Hear In", Scripter mapping needs to be first, and then followed by Easy Transpose mappings. If you have inspectors open and click on the box in red below "Play In" and you'll see the mappings for that parameter box. If you'll notice Scripter is now the 2nd mapping, not the first:


To fix it, click on the tab that says "Play In" Then click and drag that tab over to the left so it's the tab next to "Mappings" Tab:



Now, you'll see Scripter as the top mapping, and now Easy Transpose key of B appears in the "Play In" parameter box:


Now, you'll need to do the same thing with the "Hear In" parameter box, so go through the steps again. When you're done, you should see "Hear In" tab after the Mappings Tab, and you should see Scripter as the top mapping, and then the "Hear In" key of B should be there as well and it will be fixed:


After you've done those steps for both "Play In" and "Hear In" parameter boxes for Easy Transpose, the newly created patch with a Song Specific Patch and Worship Beats patch should work as expected. 


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