Sunday Keys for MainStage 2020 Resource Page Videos

We are excited for you to get started with Sunday Keys! If you are using a previous version of Sunday Keys for MainStage - Sunday Keys for MainStage 2020, you'll find all the installation and tutorial videos for that version here in this article.

Click here for the Sunday Keys for MainStage 2021 Resource Page Videos. 

Click here for the Sunday Keys for MainStage Resource Page (most recent version of Sunday Keys, released on 10/27/21). 

Be sure to join the private Sunday Keys for MainStage Owners Community Facebook group as well, which is another great place to get answers to your questions as you’re getting started. This group is full of Sunday Keys Users, like yourself, who discuss MainStage, worship, Sunday Keys, and much more!

Three Simple Setup Steps:

  1. Open Sunday Keys in MainStage
  2. Download the Required Sounds
  3. Connect Your Keyboard

Video Tutorials about all the Sunday Keys Features:

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