Sunday Keys for MainStage 2021: How to download required sounds

Sunday Keys for MainStage uses MainStage's Sound Library Content and you'll need to have that downloaded for all the sounds to work properly. You may also receive some error messages when you are first opening it up. If you are prompted to "Download Additional Content" by MainStage, you'll want to make sure to download all the sounds you need inside the MainStage Sound Library manually because this popup can be buggy. 

Check out the video or the steps below it to learn more about how to make sure you have everything you need in the MainStage Sound Library:




When you first open Sunday Keys you may see a message on screen containing phrases like “Missing Sounds” or “Sound Library Content”. You may have even been prompted to “Download Additional Content” by MainStage.

When we designed the sounds in Sunday Keys we pushed MainStage’s built-in sound library to the limit and you want to make sure you have the required sounds downloaded so everything sounds as it should:



If you didn’t receive a message about downloading sounds when you first opened Sunday Keys, you probably don’t need to watch the rest of this video. But if later on you think one or more of the presets sounds different than you’d expect, come back and give this video a look to make sure you’re not missing anything you need.

To download the sounds you need, click “MainStage 3” in the toolbar, hover over “Sound Library” and then choose “Download All Available Sounds”. This will install the full MainStage sound library to your computer.

If you're tight on storage space, you can view a screenshot of the specific categories of sounds you need to have downloaded in order to fully utilize Sunday Keys (see graphic above)

After the sound library is finished downloading, restart your computer. This ensures that MainStage will recognize the new sounds have been installed. Then you can open Sunday Keys again from within MainStage or by double clicking the concert file from within the Sunday Keys folder.

All that’s left to do to start playing is connect your keyboard to MainStage. If you already know how to assign midi hardware in MainStage, you can go ahead and assign your keyboard, mod wheel, and sustain pedal now, save your concert, then start checking out the sounds.

If this is your first time or you need a little help, click here to watch the “Connect Your Keyboard” video.

Either way, after you connect your keyboard you’ll be able to begin exploring Sunday Keys. Make sure to bookmark this page and check out the video topics further down that explain the features, terminology, sounds and workflows that make Sunday Keys the foundation of your worship keys rig.


Be sure to check out all the other installation videos and tutorials over on the Sunday Keys Resource Article.


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