Using MultiTracks Song Specific Patches inside Sunday Keys

MultiTracks song patches are designed to be played inside their Stage Ready MainStage Template, but you can still use it in Sunday Keys if you do some additional mappings/assigning. You can learn more about this in Video 11 on the Sunday Keys Resource Page. It looks like their patch is designed to have sounds move up and down with the faders, so you can map and assign those if you like. Another option is to set up sounds on the mod wheel like we do for our Song Specific Patches, check out this article for more on that: How to fade in sounds and layers in MainStage

Some additional tips from folks in our Facebook group who have used them:

1. The layout assignments do not always line up to the corresponding slider when you import a patch from MT into SK.

2. Some MultiTracks patches use Instruments not native to MainStage. So, you may need to purchase and/or download a missing Instrument. 

3. MultiTracks may have certain instruments being sent to a bus channel that is being used for a different purpose than that being used In SK. For example, MT might have a pad being sent to Bus 4, and Bus 4 is setup for shimmer in MT, but SK might be using Bus 4 for reverb instead of shimmer. So, that will make the sound be different.

4. You can just assign the faders, buttons and knobs on that patch to the SK layout. You won’t have certain things, but you’ll still be able to use the patch as needed.

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