I'm getting buzz, noise and interference

A few factors to consider that can lead to buzz/noise/interference:

1. Does it only happen at a specific location? If so, its probably an unlifted ground or bad/unclean power. You can lift the ground on a DI box to see if the issue goes away.

2. Built-in Output? (You can try to use headphones direct from the output to see if the issue persists. Try on and off the charger to further isolate the issue). If it is the Built-in output, try an audio interface.

3. Quality of power source. Is it clean? Is there a power filter you can use? (You can try to isolate this issue by running on battery power to see if the issues goes away).

4. Bad charger? (You can try to isolate the issue by running on battery power to see if the issue goes away).

5. Maybe its something different all-together. If its signal crackling or drop-outs, it may be related to CPU strain. Does it happen consistenly across the different variables? Does it go away with a higher buffer speed?

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