I have midi input, but no sound

If you've gone through the installation videos on the Sunday Keys Resource Page and you still have no sound but you are seeing midi input, you'll want to do these things:

1. Restart your computer
2. Make sure your MIDI controller is assigned via the Layout mode
3. Use your backup copy of Sunday Keys or download a fresh copy from our Facebook group Sunday Keys User Community under "Announcements (or email us to get a new download link)
4. Make sure you are sending to the correct outputs (default is 1-2).
5. Select a channel strip, click the “MIDI Input” tab in the inspector area, make sure the “Keyboard:” section matches your assigned keyboard.
6. Make sure the master volume fader is not down and that the “Output 1-2” channel strip is not muted.
7. Make sure the master mute button (top right) is not selected.

If those tips don't solve it, reach out to us with what you've tried so we can troubleshoot with you!

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