Which version of Ableton do I need for Sunday Keys for Ableton Live?

Sunday Keys for Ableton requires a Mac or Windows computer capable of running Ableton Live 10.1.41 or newer (Intro, Standard or Suite).

Sunday Keys for Ableton will NOT work in Ableton Live Lite.

The Ableton "Core Library" and "Grand Piano" library must be downloaded on your computer to use Sunday Keys for Ableton. Both are included in Live 9/10 Intro, Standard and Suite.

Sunday Keys does not require any third party plugins or instruments. Everything you hear in the demo videos and that you'll find in the download uses 100% stock Ableton plugins, effects, and processing. You can use any third party plugins in Sunday Keys that you'd like to, as well. We explain how on the Video Resource Page that's included with your purchase.

Check out this video for more about the different Ableton Live Versions:

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