I can't hear any sound in Ableton Live

If you've connected your controller to your computer and you aren't hearing any sound, there are a few settings you'll want to check.

     1. Go to Live > Preferences > Audio Tab inside Ableton Live and select the audio gear you want to hear sound from.

  • Choose Audio Ouput: Built-in Ouput if you want sound out of your computer speakers/headphones
  • Choose Audio Output: [your audio interface] if you want sound out of your audio interface. Your audio interface may require downloading a driver.

    2. Go to Live > Preferences > Link Midi and check settings for your controller instruments.

      1. Check that your devices are listed - this means they are connected.

      2. Check settings for Track & Remote.     

  • Track should say On if you want to use that device to play your sounds (tracks).
    Remote should say On if you want to create midi mappings for that device's mod wheel/faders using the midi button in Ableton.
  • If you aren't hearing sound, you'll want to double check your controller is sending midi, and that your audio preferences are set up in your software.

If these settings look correct and you still aren't hearing sound - replace cables, and restart your computer.

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