Sustain Pedal Issues (Latching Switch, Reverse, Inverted, Flipped) with the

If you're having trouble getting your sustain pedal to work as expected when connected to your keyboard and iPad using the Sunday Keys App, please see the below steps to help resolve the issue.


Sustain Pedal is working as a Latching Switch not as a Sustain Pedal

Your sustain pedal should automatically connect, you should not need to use Midi Learn to map it. The App does expect Midi CC #64 from the pedal, so if it's sending a different # in the Midi Monitor, that would need to be changed.

If you did use Midi Learn to map the sustain pedal, the sustain pedal may have been incorrectly identified as a latching switch rather than a momentary one (as sustain pedals typically are). There is some logic in the App that detects the overall speed of the sustain pedal/button’s on/off state to try to intelligently determine if the control is a momentary or latching switch. In particular, it can operate as a switch instead if you map the sustain pedal and release the pedal quickly. 

To correct this, please try removing the mapping and either letting the default mapping take place, or recreating the mapping by pressing and holding sustain pedal for just a bit (until the button highlight disappears). 


Sustain Pedal is Reversed / Inverted / Flipped

If your sustain pedal is reversed, there are a few different things you can check on in order to resolve it.

  1. Be sure that you've put the pedal in the sustain pedal port on the keyboard before connecting the keyboard to the iPad. Sometimes doing it in a different order will cause it to reverse.
  2. Try holding down the sustain pedal before plugging the pedal's cable into the back of your keyboard, then releasing, and connecting the keyboard to the iPad.
  3. Look for a polarity switch underneath your sustain pedal, and switch it the other way.

If one of those three still doesn't fix it, we would recommend opening the Midi Monitor in the App and check on the data being sent. If you can send us an email about the issue and send in a screenshot of that, we'd be happy to check it out. Typically in MIDI, a 0 value would mean off, while a 64 value would be on. If you're receiving 64 when releasing the pedal, this would explain why your pedal is acting in the inverse.

If you see this happening, it may be the case that your pedal is physically wired internally where the circuit is normally-closed, then a press on the pedal opens the circuit. If the keyboard controller is expecting the opposite, it may result in an inverse-behaving sustain pedal. We've seen this behavior happen with Yamaha sustain pedals where they operate in a "normally-closed" function. If you are using a Yamaha pedal, I'd recommend getting a different one to try, and you'll want to be sure to look for "normally-open" or models that have a polarity switch.

You may also check to see if your hardware keyboard allows you to invert the pedal message being sent.



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