How often will the Sunday Keys App for iPad be updated?

As the Sunday Keys App is developed, we will release new versions with new features, updated functionality, and improvements to the App's performance.

At times there may be updated versions of the App available as often as every day. Other times there may be potentially much longer gaps between releases.

As always, we recommend fully testing new versions of the App in a non-performance context before using it on stage, to make sure you understand its performance and possible limitations.

We’ll also regularly be adding Sounds, Patches, and Presets to the Sunday Keys Library that is available within the App.

The Sunday Keys library will not automatically be updated. You’ll be able to access updates to the sound library within the App by opening the Menu and selecting “Check for Downloads”. Select “Update” when you see an update available there to receive the latest version of the Sunday Keys sound library.

Click here to read more about updating the Sunday Keys App Sound Library. 

The App launching with a small selection of the Sounds and Patches available in Sunday Keys’ other formats. We’ll be working over time to expand the available content to match what’s available in those other Sunday Keys formats.

In essence, more Sounds will be coming regularly for the long-term! Once the full Sunday Keys library is available the Sunday Keys App will match the existing ‘new sounds every month’ cadence currently available to everyone with an active Sunday Keys license.

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