How to Manually Program the FCB1010

Follow these instructions to manually program the FCB1010 for Sunday Guitar:


We recommend using Midi CC rather than notes (the FCB1010 can send 2x Midi CC, Note, 5x Program Change, and 2x Expression data all from a single button) as sometimes notes can lead to unintended effects and interfere with midi keyboards on your workspace. With note data you can also run into some issues like note on/note off, so your presses might register as a double hit. For controlling buttons or parameters Midi CC is a standard method. Sunday Guitar doesn’t have keyboard programming, so you should be okay using notes, but if you wanted to modify the template it might cause some issues down the road.

Also if you wanted to use the FCB1010 with a keys rig setup, you don’t want to be sending note data with the FCB1010.

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