Sunday Guitar for MainStage Resource Page Videos

We are excited for you to get started with Sunday Guitar!

After downloading your purchase, double click the installer file (file extension.dmg) and you'll be walked through the super simple install process. The last step of installation will redirect you to the Sunday Guitar Video Resource Page where you'll find everything you need to get started with Sunday Guitar right away.

Be sure to join the private Sunday Guitar User Community Facebook group as well, which is another great place to get answers to your questions as you’re getting started. This group is full of Sunday Guitar Users, like yourself, who discuss MainStage, worship, Sunday Guitar, and much more!

Here's a brief overview of what you'll find on the Sunday Guitar Resource Page

Three Simple Setup Steps:

  1. Open Sunday Guitar in MainStage
  2. Connect Your Guitar and Audio Output
  3. Join the Sunday Guitar Facebook Group

Video Tutorials to uncover all the Sunday Guitar Features:

  • Sunday Guitar Basics
  • Browsing Sunday Guitar's Presets
  • Changing Effects Models and Saving Pedalboard Settings
  • Changing Amplifier and Mic Models
  • How to Prepare A Setlist for Live Performance
  • Using the Tonic Pad Player
  • Advanced~ Automate Tonic Parameters on Patch Change
  • Controlling Sunday Guitar from Your Phone/Tablet (TouchOSC Set-up)
  • Control Sunday Guitar from Any Midi (foot) Controller
  • Using the Four Favorite Buttons

Troubleshooting Help:

  • Error message “This Concert contains plugins that increase output latency”?
  • Need help setting up TouchOSC?
  • Need help connecting your midi controller to Sunday Guitar?
  • Experiencing crackles, pops, or dropped audio OR sluggish performance and CPU overload?

Still need help? Contact Us Contact Us