Can you use Sunday Mix for a livestream or live performance? (latency issue

Yes, you can use Sunday Mix for a livestream or live performance! 

You can totally route audio through Sunday Mix’s audio tracks in real time as long as your computer is up to the task and you have the needed i/o to do so and adjust for latency on the output side. You'll need some sort of broadcast software to get the audio output from Logic synced up with your video.

Some features included in Sunday Mix are only for post production - like the kick and snare replacement. Others like the Sub Kick will work in real time. 

Check out this video below to learn how to set up Sunday Mix to record directly into it:


If you are having trouble with latency while using it live, here are some troubleshooting tips:

If using any additional plugins (i.e. Autotune, Waves Tune, Izotope plugins, etc), disable and try to recreate the issue.

Saving to an external hard drive or internal disk? If internal - Try freeing up some space if it is over 75% full. If saving to an external drive, make sure the connection is good and there is plenty of space.

Try restarting the computer immediately before live streaming. This issue seems to be commonly linked to sessions being open for long periods of time.

Reset Logic Preferences:
Choose Logic Pro X> Preferences > Reset All Preferences Except Key Commands.

Delete Logic Preferences:
1. Quit Logic Pro.
2. In the Finder, choose Go > Go to Folder.
3. Enter ~/Library/Preferences, then click Go.
4. Remove the "" file from the Preferences folder.
5. If you upgraded from Logic 9 or earlier to Logic Pro X, also remove the "" file.
6. Restart your Mac.

Try using a different audio interface. It is unlikely, but definitely possible that the interface is causing the issue. You can even consolidate down to using the built-in audio output to see if the issue is still present, therefore ensuring it is a software issue.

If using Mac OS's possible that there is a bug within Catalina. If none of these work, you can try reverting to Mojave, but it will require backing up your computer and wiping it. Here's a great article that will walk you through this.

It's also possible that it's an audio driver/sound card or OS issue, so you may want to look into that. 

If you're still having trouble, here are some further steps to troubleshoot:

So, in order to consolidate where the issue most likely is, solo a single vocal track within the template. Turn off ALL plugins (including on the master fader and the physical mixing board if there are any). Test audio latency.

- If there IS latency in the dry signal, try setting the buffer size smaller (128 or 256 is great, although you can try going smaller if you have a computer that can handle higher CPU processing, though I don’t necessarily recommend it for live broadcast.)

- If there is still latency on that dry signal, the issue is most likely in the connection between the computer and the mixing board, or the mixing board and the house/in-ears.

- If after soloing a single track, there is NO latency, the issue is most likely with the plugins on the track. Try turning the plugins off one by one until you find that there is no latency. (You can hover over the plugins in the mixer window to see how much latency they are introducing, if any) Some of the most common plugins that cause latency are the De-Esser, Tube EQ, Gate, Adaptive Limiter. Try disabling any of these plugins to see if it makes the result any better. 


Check out all the video tutorials at the Sunday Mix Resource Page!


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