I'm Experiencing Latency on MIDI tracks in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

If you're experiencing latency on MIDI tracks, like the Sunday Keys tracks for example, in Sunday Mix, you'll want to review Video 7: How to use Sunday Keys patches or the steps below:


As part of Sunday Mix, we’ve included several Sunday Keys-specific features, like some of our most popular keys patches that you can use to add additional keys parts to your session. You can record directly into these MIDI tracks by connecting your keyboard and playing along to the song.

 Just make sure your MIDI keyboard is plugged in, select the track with the sound you’d like to play, and press record. This is a good method to use if you have multiple different keys parts you’d like to record. If you would like to record more than one sound at a time, there is another method that may work better.

Highlight all the sounds you’d like to use by holding down command and selecting the sounds you’d like. Once all your sounds are selected, press the record-arm button, place your cursor in the preferred place on the timeline and click the record button in the top toolbar. Play through your song to record these parts. If there are additional parts you’d like to add later, you can always repeat this process on any of the tracks.

Once you have all your MIDI in place, you can mix in the Sunday Keys parts with the rest of your session. There are Smart Controls modifiers in place on every Sunday Keys patch. Feel free to play with these modifiers to adjust your sounds.

Head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page for all the video tutorials about Sunday Mix. 

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