How to Use the Sub Kick in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

One of the great features in Sunday Mix is the Sub Kick. Check out this video about how it works or there are more details below the video:


This track generates a sub-bass tone that will add low end to your kick audio stem.

Simply make sure your Kick audio stem is loaded into the “Kick Port” or “Kick In” track, and un-mute the Sub Kick track. You’ll notice that every time there is a kick attack, the sub kick is activated. The Sub Kick is designed to be mixed in with the original audio. If at any point you mute the original audio, or the kick sampler if you have replaced the kick track, the sub kick will mute as well. If you wish to only have the sub kick audio, you will need to go to the whichever kick has your enabled audio, and change the output from “Stereo Out” to “No Output.” This will allow signal to continue sending to the Sub Kick track without audibly hearing the original kick audio.

You can adjust aspects of the Sub Kick sound in the Smart Controls window. If you’d like to change the frequency of the sub kick, adjust the Sub Frequency knob. If it needs a longer release, adjust the Release Time knob. And remember, you can always open up the plugins yourself to do more finite adjustments.

Head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page for more video tutorials about Sunday Mix. 

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