How to Use Worship Drummer in Logic Pro X

Sunday Mix for Logic makes use of Logic’s “Drummer” feature. Check out this video that shows how to use it, or you can view the steps below the video:


We’ve created Drummer presets for your standard High energy, Mid energy and Low energy worship songs. This feature is primarily useful if you do not have any drum audio stems or if you need to replace a bad drum set recording. Obviously these presets won’t exactly mimic every worship song, but they can get pretty close in a pinch. Plus the samples used are high quality.

Because these are MIDI tracks, it’s important to make sure your session reflects the correct tempo and time signature of the song in order for the Worship Drummer to work the right way. Select which preset you would like to use and unmute that track. Then you can drag each region to the correct place in the song and adjust the length to match.

It is important to note that each preset makes use of a different “drummer” or set of samples and preset stylistic choices. If you drag a region from one track to another, it won’t sound the same as it did in the previous track. Instead, if you wish to change up some of the rhythms of the presets we’ve created, we suggest that you duplicate the track that is most similar to the style you are aiming for, duplicate a region, then adjust the parameters for that region in the Editor window. To view the editor window, click the editor button in the top toolbar, or use the keyboard shortcut “E.”

You can change the beat of the kick and snare, hi hat, toms, and additional percussion by adjusting each of these parameters. You can also add more fills, or a swing to your drums. This feature can be fun to play around with, so feel free to change any of these parameters at any time. Just remember that if you are still selected on one of the preset Worship Drummer regions we have created, it will change the rhythm of that region. This is why we strongly suggest that you duplicate your track before making any changes, just in case you change your mind.

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