How to import and rename backing tracks in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

In Sunday Mix for Logic, it's really easy to import and rename your backing tracks. Check out this video or the details below:

We’ve included a track stack where you can import your individual backing track stems, or a single mix of all the tracks. To start, you’ll want to expand the track stack, go to your finder window and select all the files you wish to import. Drag and drop files onto the first track titled “Backing Track Stem 1.” In the pop up window, you’ll select “Use Existing Tracks”.

Now that all your audio stems are loaded, you may notice that the track titles did not change to reflect the names of the audio files. If you wish to rename the tracks, there is a quick and easy way to do this, other than manually changing each track name. This is not a necessary step, but may be beneficial to easily view which tracks hold which backing track stems.

To rename your tracks, highlight all the backing track regions. Go to the Functions menu at the top of the Workspace. Select “Name Track By Region Name.” Now all of your tracks will reflect the correct file name.

Head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page to check out all the video tutorials about Sunday Mix. 

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