How to Use Percussion Loops in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

There are awesome percussion loops in Sunday Mix for Logic. Check out this video or the details below to learn more:

Several MIDI regions pre-loaded into Sunday Mix. One portion of these are our Percussion Loops. These Loops are designed for you to drag and drop to various places in your session, and can be used to add tasteful moments to your worship set. It is important to make sure that your session reflects the correct tempo and time signature of your song in order for these loops to sound correct. When you are ready to use one of the loops, simply unmute that track, and drag the region to the correct place in your timeline. You can loop the region by holding your cursor over the upper right edge of the region until the cursor turns into a circle, then drag the region to the right or left.

Head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page for more video tutorials on how to use Sunday Mix. 

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