How to Replace Drum Tracks in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

There is an easy process for kick and snare sample replacement in Sunday Mix for Logic. Check out this video and the steps below to learn more:

What this process does is identify each place the kick and snare are played, and trigger a sample in addition to, or instead of, the original audio. By doubling or replacing your kick and snare recordings, you can quickly and easily add depth and body to the drums in your mix.

  1. Load your kick audio stem into the “Kick Port” or “Kick In” track, and make sure the track selected.
  2. Go to Track > Replace or Double Drum Track. In the pop up window, you’ll want to select “Kick” from the drop down menu. You can either choose to replace or double the original track. Choosing “Replace” will mute the original and choosing “double” will keep the original track active. This is easy to change later if you change your mind.
  3. Adjust the Relative Threshold to create MIDI notes only where there are drum attacks. For kick, these attacks are usually pretty easy to spot. For snare, you may want to lower the threshold to include ghost notes, or raise the threshold to just include the louder attacks.
  4. Once Logic creates the new MIDI region, you’ll want to drag the region to the Kick Sampler track, and delete the original MIDI track.
  5. Now you can compare the sampled kick with the original. To replace or double the snare, you will follow all the same steps.

Head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page for more tutorials about Sunday Mix. 

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