How to record directly in Sunday Mix for Logic Pro X

If you plan on recording your live service directly into Logic Pro, either for a recording, a livestream or live performance, there are a few extra steps you’ll need to take after you've set up your session. If you need to review how to set up your session you can check out this article here or head over to the Sunday Mix Resource Page for all the tutorial videos. 

Check out this video and the steps below to learn how to record directly into Sunday Mix:

  1. Make sure that whatever device you are using to record into Logic is selected in the Audio Preferences. For some, this may be a digital mixing board or audio interface.
  2. Make sure the inputs of each track in your Logic Session match the outputs that your mixer or audio interface is sending. For example, if your lead vocal is sending on output 3 of your mixer or is plugged into Input 3 on your audio interface, you’ll want to select input 3 on the Lead Vocal track in Logic. Depending on your setup, it may take some time to track down all the outputs and inputs. If you plan on recording directly into the session on a regular basis, it may be smart to save these input changes in the template version of your Sunday Mix session.
  3. Record-arm all the tracks that you will be recording into. Be sure not to record arm the MIDI tracks, such as Sunday Keys patches, Tonic, Kick and Snare Sampler, Percussion Loops and Worship Drummer.
  4. If you plan on listening to the session while it is recording, you’ll also want to check the input monitoring button so you can hear everything in real time.

Once you’ve done all of this, you are ready to record directly into the Logic session.

Check out all the tutorials for Sunday Mix over on the Sunday Mix Resource Page. 

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