Will the Sunday Keys Skin Decal fit my controller?

 Yes, the Sunday Sounds ”Any Controller” decal sheet will allow you to create a completely custom layout to match your controller of choice


The Sunday Sounds Tonic+Auxiliary controls decal sheet is perfect for labeling drum pads for Tonic and covering the auxiliary and functional controls not covered in the nanoKontrol2 or “Any Controller” sheets. It is also available as an add-on when you purchase either of the above!

Check out this measurement chart detailing the "Any Controller" decal to make sure they will work for you! The "Any Controller" decal sheet is designed to be pretty much universal, with a variety of dimensions available for each type of control. In addition to the variety of dimensions, you can further modify any particular element as needed w/ an X-Acto knife or a simple pair of scissors to get the fit just right.




Use the conversion chart link here if you need it that will help convert the decimal inches to fractions or the closest one if needed. We use decimals for inches because it is more "accurate" since you have to measure each item in pixels, then convert that to inches, ending up with a decimal. This chart also has metric (mm) listed.

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