Where is my Song Specific Patch? (Song Specific Patch Installation)

After you downloaded your Song Specific Patch from your Account in My Purchases and ran the installer, the installer should have automatically placed your Song Specific Patch product into your MainStage folder in Finder automatically.

It should have been placed by the installer in your MainStage folder in a folder called "Song Specific Patches- Sunday Sounds" located in this path in Finder. You should see an additional folder inside with the name of your Song Specific Patch.

You can get to it in the Finder menus if you'd like by choosing Go > Home and navigating through the folders below:



If you don't see a Path Bar at the bottom of your Finder window, go up to View > Show Path Bar so it will appear at the bottom.

If you prefer, you can also search Spotlight in the upper right of your Mac for "MainStage" and the blue folder that appears will be your MainStage folder. We recommend saving this in your Favorites in Finder so it's easy to find later.

This MainStage folder mirrors "User Patches" in the MainStage Inspector so you should see the same files, folders, patches, and concerts in your MainStage folder in Finder as you do in "User Patches". Any additional folders or organization you create in your MainStage folder should be reflected in "User Patches".


The easiest way to use it is to add a Patch to the Patch List is to click on the "+", navigate to User Patches, click on the Song Specific Patch you'd like to add to your Patch List to play.


If you don't see Patch Settings after adding a new patch, navigate in the MainStage menus to View > Show Inspectors or ​⌘5:


You can also open a MainStage concert and your Finder window and drag the Song Specific Patch into the Patch List if you prefer.

You can view further installation instructions for your Song Specific Patch here.

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