My Song Specific patch does not sound like the cover or tutorial video

If you're having trouble with a Song Specific Patch from Sunday Sounds, first, go ahead and do a full restart of your computer. 
If some channel strips sound different than in the demo video then you’re most likely missing 
some of the MainStage Sound Library content or having an issue with your mod wheel.

Go into Sound Library Manager in MainStage to 
see if you need to download any additional sample library content, restart MainStage, and open the concert again.

You'll want to go in through the menus to MainStage > Sound Library Manager and then get the below sounds downloaded:


After you've done that, you'll want to check out your mod wheel.

  1. You'll need to make sure your mod wheel is sending on Midi Channel 1 and Midi CC 1. You can check this by going into the menus and choosing Window > Midi Message Monitor. Once you have this open, move the mod wheel a few times. If you aren't sure it is sending on Midi Channel 1 and Midi CC1, take a screenshot of the Midi Message Monitor after moving the mod wheel a few times, and email that to us we can get help you take a look. 
  2. After checking that, if you are still having any issues, try wiggling the mod wheel and then putting it at the 0 position - does this fix the issue? Unfortunately there is a MainStage bug where you do need to nudge the mod wheel to reset it to the 0 position for it to work as expected.
  3. If you are using a knob/fader as a mod wheel, make sure you've completed both steps in this tutorial and watch all the way to the end to set it up.

If you've made sure you have all the MainStage Sound Library content and your mod wheel is sending on Midi Channel 1 and Midi CC 1, it's possible your patch and/or concert has become corrupted. 

  1. Try using the patch in the stock MainStage concert “Keyboard Minimalist” to see if it works as expected. If it does, then something in your concert has become corrupted. The most common way a concert can get corrupted is if you have two concerts open at once time, you don't ever want to do that. Always save and export patches to bring them between concerts. If it doesn't work as expected in Keyboard Minimalist, run the installer for your Song Specific Patch again, or download a new copy from inside your account in My Purchases. If you don't see a previously purchased patch in your account, reach out here for more help.
  2. If your concert did get corrupted, you can run the installer again for your concert, or download it again from your account in My Purchases. If you don't have the download inside My Purchases, reach out to us here for more help.

If you need help troubleshooting your Song Specific Patch, reach out to us here. 

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