How to use BigSky with Sunday Keys

In this article you'll learn how to use BigSky with Sunday Keys. 

Your options simplest to more complex are listed below:

1) Use BigSky on Sunday Keys total output.
If you wanted to use the BigSky to add reverb to the total output of Sunday Keys, you could use a headphone to 1/4” break out cable to send the output of the computer/iPad into the BigSky or you could use the BigSky after your audio interface.  This approach would be limiting in that all Sunday Keys would receive the same verb treatment and could muddy up a mix quickly.

2) Use BigSky on select sounds (For MainStage/Ableton Live)
The most useful set up would be to set up a Aux/Bus channel in MainStage/Ableton, then once that Aux/Bus is setup, you can use the Sends on those CST/Tracks to send signal to the BigSky.  This would require that your Audio Interface has at least 4 outputs and 2 inputs.




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