How to Adjust Shimmer in Sunday Keys for Ableton Live

In this article you'll learn how to adjust shimmer in Sunday Keys for Ableton Live. 

If you wanted to adjust the amount of shimmer on the fly, you would need to create a MIDI mapping to one of those Send A knobs for the track you wanted to have that control over.

However, it’s probably more usable to designate the amount of shimmer desired for a Sound by programming that into the clip.

Video 8 on our Sunday Keys for Ableton Live Resource Page “How to adjust the saved value of an instrument talks about how to adjust the saved value for any clip. From the 0:08 mark it’s mentioned “the saved values are the initial starting points of the macros, track volume, and shimmer effect send that are recalled when an instrument clip is initially fired.”

The rest of the video demonstrates how to adjust this automation for a couple macros, but the process to adjust for shimmer would be the same, just clicking the shimmer send A knob before switching to clip view, instead of clicking one of the Macros.

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