How to Map a Button in MainStage to Mute One Sound

You can map a button in MainStage to mute a sound in a layered patch. 

Follow the below steps to set this up:

  1. Go into Layout Mode. Drag a button to your Layout. You can resize this button if you'd like and place it where you want in the Layout. 

    Click play below to watch a video with more tips on working inside MainStage Layout Mode. 
  2. Go into Edit Mode and click on the button you want to map in the workspace. You'll also want to open up the Channel Strips if they aren't open already by clicking on the Channel Strips icon in the upper right of your screen or choosing View >  Open Channel Strips and you should see an inspector populate below the workspace:

  3. From here, click on the sound you want to add the control to. Then choose "Mute" since you want the ability for the button to mute and un-mute the sound, and make sure the button settings are set up like you want:

  4. Now, check and make sure the button works as expected. When you click on the button it should mute, and when you click it again it should un-mute. If you have to do any double presses, check that in Layout Mode when you click on the button it has Type: Alternating Value


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