Transpose a patch in MainStage

It's easy to transpose in MainStage! Check out this video or see the below steps to learn how!



To transpose a patch in MainStage:

  1. Select View > Show Inspectors
  2. Select your patch in the Patch List
  3. Go to Patch Settings > Attributes tab. You can then transpose your patch up or down however many steps you need to get to your desired key. 

If you need all the patches in your concert transposed to the same key:

  1. Select View > Show Inspectors
  2. Select your concert title at the very top of the Patch List
  3. Go to Concert Settings > Midi and on the far right you can can transpose all patches in your concert up or down steps to get to your desired key.

You can also use the Transposer plugin on your channel strips. 

  1. Add the Transposor plugin to your first channel strip (put it at the bottom of the stack) 
  2. Set the number of semi tones (half steps) you need the song to be in. For example C to D is +2 semi tones. C to Bb is -2 semi tones. 
  3. Option + Click the plugin to every channel strip. 
  4. If you have to change the key in practice, simply change the first instance and then repeat steps
  5. This will overwrite the current plugin on each strip to the new key.

Another option is to just transpose on the fly using the buttons up or down on your keyboard instead of in MainStage itself. 

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